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Passionately Committed to Improving Health and Quality of Life for Over 60 Years

Executive Leadership

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Company History

Purdue Pharma (Canada) was originally established in Montreal, Quebec in 1956 by physician brothers. Named after the founding physicians, John Purdue Gray and George Frederick Bingham, Purdue Frederick began researching and developing medications for reducing pain.

Today, Purdue Pharma (Canada) is part of a privately owned worldwide group of independently associated companies, including Purdue Pharma, Mundipharma and Napp.

About Us

Purdue Pharma (Canada), a privately held pharmaceutical company founded by physicians, has been passionately committed to improving the health and quality of life of Canadians for over 60 years. As a leader in pain management, Purdue Pharma (Canada) has an innovative product portfolio of prescription and non-prescription medications that is focused on supporting the needs of patients and improving patients’ lives in meaningful ways.

At Purdue Pharma (Canada), we embrace our mission of developing and providing innovative medicines for patients and health care professionals and of supporting quality education for the safe use of our products.

Purdue Pharma (Canada) is a member of the Mundipharma network of independent associated companies.