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Doing the Right Thing

At Purdue Pharma (Canada), we do what is right for the patients we serve, the greater public health, our business, our fellow employees and partners. We act in accordance with both the spirit and the letter of all applicable laws, regulations, codes and policies – whether they are imposed by third parties or by ourselves.

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond providing innovative medicines designed to improve patient health and well-being. We believe we have a larger role to play in the health of our communities and we’re proud of our long-standing commitment to corporate citizenship and community service.

This is doing the right thing.

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Code of Conduct

As a proud member of Innovative Medicines Canada, Purdue Pharma (Canada) voluntarily adheres to the Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Ethical Practices. The Code of Ethical Practices is a commitment from Innovative Medicines Canada, and their members, to a relationship based on trust, accountability and transparency, with the health and well-being of patients and all Canadians as the first priority.

Purdue Pharma (Canada) employees also adhere to our own Code of Ethics to help ensure we continue to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our business activities. Our values guide our decisions and we always strive to do what is right for the patients we serve, the greater public health, our business, our fellow employees and partners.

We also hold our agents, partners and suppliers to the same standards.

Preventing the Diversion & Abuse of Prescription Opioids

The appropriate management of pain and addressing the effects of misuse, abuse and diversion of prescription pain medications are both serious public health issues. Pain affects millions of people each year. Prescription opioid pain medications remain a safe and effective treatment for appropriately selected and monitored patients. Like all medicines, prescription opioid medicines do have risks and unfortunately, misuse and abuse and diversion of pain medications can lead to tragic consequences, including addiction, overdose and death. Risks and warnings, such as those related to addiction, abuse, and misuse, which are associated with all prescription opioids, are outlined in our Health Canada approved Product Monographs.

Purdue Pharma (Canada) is committed to providing resources to support the responsible use of prescription opioids for pain. As part of these efforts, we focus our interactions with healthcare professionals on sharing evidence-based information, including the guidelines the 2017 Guidelines for Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer PainAnd we remain steadfast in our position that developing and making available opioids with abuse-deterrent/tamper-resistant properties remains an important aspect of a multifaceted and multi-stakeholder solution.

In addition, Purdue Pharma (Canada) produces a product identification pamphlet that is endorsed by the Canadian Pharmacists Association and designated to be a field reference to help groups such as law enforcement officers, other first responders, addiction outreach workers and a range of healthcare providers visually identify prescription opioid analgesics and stimulants that are marketed in Canada.  The pamphlet attempts to summarize the marketed tablet/capsule/patch opioid/stimulant products, but is not all inclusive. Positive identification of any drug requires analysis by an authorized laboratory.

Interested agencies can obtain hard copies of the brochure by sending a request to:

Product Identification Pamphlet Request

Purdue Pharma (Canada)

575 Granite Court

Pickering, ON L1W 3W8

Safe Disposal of Prescription Medicines

Purdue has been an industry advocate of proper storage and safe disposal of prescription medicine. Safe disposal keeps drugs out of the hands of children and other people who might use them inappropriately. It keeps drugs out of landfill sites and water supplies. And it prevents the inadvertent use of unused or expired medications. A proud member of Canada Health Products Stewardship Association (CHPSA), Purdue helps to fund nation-wide programs that ensure safe and effective collection and disposal of prescription medications. Please visit for more information.
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Sponsorships, Donations and Grants

Purdue Pharma (Canada) believes its responsibility goes beyond the provision of innovative medicines.  We take an active role in supporting organizations that strive to improve the quality of life where our employees live and work, through financial and non-financial support.

  • Applying for a Grant

    Applying for a Grant

    Purdue Pharma (Canada) accepts grant applications from organizations, patient groups, registered not-for-profit charities and professional associations within the therapeutic areas of Pain, ADHD, Cancer Supportive Care and Ophthalmology, with particular interest in groups who:

    1. promote prevention of prescription drug abuse/misuse/diversion
    2. advance Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education with national reach and either national or local programs
    3. are local to Pickering/Durham Region

    If your initiative or program falls within these categories, please send a letter of request via email to

    We do not consider applications from political organizations or organizations promoting or advocating a specific religious view or religion.

    Purdue Pharma (Canada) is proud to support international humanitarian aid through Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC). This agency arranges shipments of products to needed areas of the world and also supplies physician travel packs, containing medicines and medical supplies suitable for use by individual physicians on overseas aid missions.

    If you are a physician interested in product donations to support international medical missions, please contact HPIC directly at 1-800-627-1787 or

  • Grant Recipients

    Grant Recipients

    As a proud and active member of Canada’s INNOVATIVE MEDICINES CANADA, Purdue Pharma (Canada) supports the Guidelines for Transparency in Stakeholder Funding. Please click here for a list of groups to which the company has provided funding in the previous calendar year.

Disclosing of Payments to HCPs and HCOs

As an active member of Innovative Medicines Canada, Purdue Pharma (Canada) joins other member companies in voluntarily publishing aggregated sums of payments made to Canadian Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) to increase transparency about our operations in Canada. Innovative Medicines Canada built a reporting framework to ensure consistency in the approach. As a key stakeholder within the Canadian healthcare system, the pharmaceutical industry plays an important role with patients, caregivers, healthcare practitioners (HCPs), governments, as well as payers in Canada.

By bringing greater transparency to these valuable and well-regulated relationships we hope to increase understanding of the research-based pharmaceutical industry’s collaboration across the healthcare sector, and contribute to enhancing trust and value for patients, as well as our healthcare system.

Collaboration among HCPs, HCOs and the pharmaceutical industry is essential to improving the quality of life of Canadians as it drives scientific advancements, enhances medical education, and promotes health literacy.

View Purdue Pharma (Canada)’s disclosure of 2019 payments.

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Employee Initiatives

Purdue Pharma (Canada) employees can expect a work environment that focuses on their health and wellness, while providing opportunities to grow, learn, be engaged and fulfilled. Employees also have the opportunity to give back through volunteer efforts in the community and various fundraising campaigns, such as United Way.

These initiatives help foster a culture of volunteerism where employees have the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.