The Positivity Project

Welcome to the Positivity Project

At Mundipharma, we think differently about pain and we recognize the importance of better pain management to enhance the quality of life.

While our products are part of the pain management equation, we need to address the pain-life balance by shifting people’s experiences away from pain and back towards the enjoyment of life. Working together with various partners, including healthcare professionals, non-governmental organisations and patients, Mundipharma is focused on developing and increasing levels of understanding of pain management amongst the society-at-large.

Building on our expertise on pain, the Positivity Project is our adopted holistic approach that revolves around innovating, informing and improving to address pain management.

  • e0de78d159ca432cba4946fa6e2a85b3Innovate traditional approaches to, and thinking about pain treatment
  • 4144753823de4ddc83f98782c77db11bInform patients, practitioners and partners about best practice and options in pain relief
  • e7829cba7b4548feb04623e82ba0db11Improve standards of care and access to pain treatment

Healthcare Professionals Partnerships

Various educational events are held across the year to create educational platforms on which healthcare professionals and influential scientists can convene to exchange best practices and share the latest data in pain research.

Mundipharma Pain Forums is an exemplary series of events that bring together thought leaders to innovate and inform new ways of thinking around pain treatment to ultimately improve the quality of life of patients.

Pain Community Collaborations, a Mundipharma-supported programme, provides a dedicated global stage to generate best practice care and experience sharing within the diverse multidisciplinary teams and communities who are dedicated to helping relieve some of the burden of pain.

Patients and Carers Support

The strength of enhanced pain management is heavily dependent on the support patients and carers receive. Recognizing the need of the necessary support required to address the pain-life balance, Mundipharma works closely with various non-governmental organizations create the shift in experiences away from pain and back towards the enjoyment of life.