At Purdue, we believe that all prescription medicines, including opioids, must be prescribed, dispensed, and used responsibly. All stakeholders in the healthcare system have a role to play in protecting public health.

We share the concerns of government and others about the current public health crisis caused by the misuse, abuse, and diversion of both prescription and illicit drugs.

That’s why we at Purdue are committed to:

  • ensuring patients have access to the right treatment, at the right time, at the right dose;
  • partnering with healthcare professionals, provincial and local governments, law enforcement, and other stakeholders, such as Drug Free Kids Canada, to ensure that consumers do not forget the harm that can be done when prescription products are used by those to whom they are not prescribed and dispensed or, where they are not used or stored appropriately and safely;
  • investing in technologies that reduce the potential for products to be abused, misused or diverted;
  • ensuring the integrity of our supply chain and quality manufacturing;
  • providing accredited education to medical professionals on responsible prescribing, use, and discontinuation of treatment options for pain management that includes the potential risks associated with opioid products;
  • sharing best practices on abuse deterrence, including real-world evidence collection, prescription monitoring programs, and diagnostic screening tools;
  • ensuring compliance with Innovative Medicines Canada’s Code of Ethical Practices.

All medications have the potential for misuse and abuse, and as such, should be prescribed and dispensed carefully, safely stored and disposed.  However, when used according to their Health Canada approved product monographs and under the care of a physician, they can be an important component of a patient’s comprehensive treatment regimen.