Community Collaboration

Doing the right thing

A commitment to corporate citizenship and community service are long standing traditions at Purdue Pharma Canada. As part of our corporate responsibility program, we have three areas of focus:

Sponsorships, donations and grants

Purdue Pharma Canada takes an active role in supporting organizations that try to improve the quality of life where our employees live and work. We provide sponsorships, donations, in-kind service support and grants.

Learn more (Link to 2.5.2 Donations and Grants Page)

Preventing the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs

At Purdue, we believe that all prescription medicines, including opioids, must be prescribed, dispensed, and used responsibly. All stakeholders in the healthcare system have a role to play in protecting public health.
Learn more (Link to 2.5.1 Responsible Use Page)

Safe disposal of prescription medicine

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Purdue has been an industry advocate of proper storage and safe disposal of prescription medicine. Safe disposal keeps drugs out of the hands of children and other people who might use them inappropriately. It keeps drugs out of landfill sites and water supplies. And it prevents the inadvertent use of unused or expired medications. A proud member of Canada Health Products Stewardship Association (CHPSA), Purdue helps to fund nation-wide programs that ensure safe and effective collection and disposal of prescription medications. Please visit for more information.

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Employee initiatives

Purdue Pharma Canada employees can expect a work environment that focuses on their health and wellness, while providing opportunities to grow, learn, be engaged and fulfilled.

Employees also have the opportunity to give back through volunteer efforts in the community and various fundraising campaigns, such as United Way.

Learn more (Link to 2.5.3 Employee Initiatives)

For more information on our Corporate Responsibility initiatives, visit our Archives or contact Corporate Affairs and Communications at 905-420-6400.