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Purdue Pharma (Canada) has a fully integrated research and development (R&D) department with expertise in formulation and drug development in Pickering, Ontario. R&D is an integral component of our operations and our integrated R&D capabilities enable us to take our drug candidates through the drug development process and bring them to the patients who need them.

Collectively, across the global network of independently associated companies, we are significantly enhancing our capability to discover new drugs, particularly in the fields of oncology and central nervous system diseases, including novel products for the treatment of pain.

Clinical Experience Shared

with Physicians and Patients

The capability to rapidly transfer information gained from laboratory and clinical research to physicians and other healthcare professionals is as important as the development of new drugs. Our marketing and sales personnel are charged with properly communicating this valuable information, and are also concerned with receiving feedback on emerging healthcare issues in medical conditions that relate to Purdue Pharma (Canada) products.

Insights obtained from our clinical research activities also contribute to the development of patient education materials, which form an important part of our support to healthcare providers and patients.


New Drugs

Read about our enhanced capability in research and development and our focus for future product development.



Clinical Trials

We regularly publish data on our registered clinical trials.




We are committed to quality throughout every step of drug development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.


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Learn about

Purdue Pharma (Canada)’s registered clinical trials

Purdue Pharma (Canada) provides information about their clinical trials on internationally recognized clinical trial registries. The two registries that Purdue Pharma (Canada) routinely uses are:

  1. International Standard Randomized Controlled Trial Number (
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Commitment to quality

At Purdue Pharma (Canada), quality is essential to the entire lifecycle of a drug, starting with the preliminary phases of research and development all the way through to the safety surveillance of approved drugs.

The goal of drug development is to assess the value of innovative approaches to the treatment of diseases and disabilities. However, medicines have the potential for untoward effects and not all patients respond in exactly the same way to every medicine. Consequently, quality starts in the drug development phase and continues throughout the clinical use of an approved product.

First, the drug product(s) under investigation must consistently meet required standards such as those for purity, potency, packaging and stability testing.

The second stage of quality involves investigating the drug product(s) through the design and completion of studies specific to the treatment under examination. Such studies are carefully controlled and are conducted within established norms including those for the practice of medicine, research ethics in humans, and the Food and Drugs Act of Canada.

A successful development program ultimately results in a particular approach to drug treatment receiving a Notice of Compliance from Health Canada. As such the treatment can be made available to Canadians. Typically, new drug treatments are designated as prescription products and official labelling directs health care professionals when using the new treatment for individual patients with a particular medical need.

Post marketing safety surveillance is the third fundamental element of quality in a drug’s lifecycle and begins after the treatment meets federal regulations for use in Canada. In compliance with federal standards, reported adverse outcomes are assessed under stringent timelines and reported to Health Canada, where appropriate. Periodically, the reports are compiled along with reports from other countries where the same drug product is sold, and collectively re-examined as an additional quality check.