A Canadian industry leader for more than 50 years

Originally established in Montreal in 1956 as Purdue Frederick, Purdue Pharma Canada is a part of a privately owned worldwide group of independently associated companies, including Purdue Pharma, Mundipharma and Napp. After relocating from Montreal to Toronto in 1958, Purdue Pharma Canada moved to its current 15-acre site in the City of Pickering, Ontario in 1990.

Purdue Pharma Canada is also one of the limited number of pharmaceutical companies in the country that continues to maintain a fully integrated research and development (R&D) formulation laboratory, drug development function and manufacturing capabilities in Canada. As a result, Purdue Pharma Canada participates in the earliest stages of product development and provides a broad variety of business-building opportunities from both national and worldwide sources.

The company has become a leader in pain management through an innovative product portfolio, an educational focus and by working in partnership with the medical community and other stakeholders. Purdue Pharma Canada employs more than 300 people throughout Canada.

In 2009, Purdue Pharma Canada began an advanced manufacturing expansion that will provide our company with enhanced capacity to manufacture products for national distribution and export to new markets, as well as an expanded laboratory facility for research and development.