Purdue Pharma (Canada): Beyond the Products – Message from David Pidduck, President & CEO, Purdue Pharma (Canada)

December 21, 2017

If you’ve spent some time reading through the Purdue Pharma (Canada) website, you will know that we are a privately held, family-owned, company founded by physicians that has operated in Canada for more than 60 years. You will know that we are a leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of medicines for pain management and central nervous system disorders and we have an innovative product portfolio that is focused on improving patients’ lives in meaningful ways. You will know that we are committed to building successful partnerships centred on innovative products and technologies with organizations around the world who can help achieve our mission and broaden the reach of these products to Canadian patients. And, you will also know we are one of a limited number of pharmaceutical companies in Canada that continues to maintain a locally managed fully integrated R&D formulation laboratory, drug development function and manufacturing capabilities.

Pretty impressive, sure, but it is people that make me the most proud. We work as teams without regard for hierarchy. We challenge each other and we are committed to learning and personal development. We are a strong and diverse team of individuals who constantly put the patient at the centre of everything we do.

We have high expectations of the Purdue Pharma (Canada) team and they never disappoint.

Whether they bottle liquids, quality test tablets, develop new molecules, market our consumer products, or pursue product approvals and reimbursement, our teams succeed. But, that’s not the only reason they choose to work for Purdue Pharma (Canada). They came here for the opportunity to grow, create and innovate in a team-oriented agile learning organization. They work here because they care. They care for the patients we serve, but also for their communities. And, they have the opportunity to give back to their communities through volunteer efforts, fundraising and community outreach.

Our employees share our belief that our corporate responsibility does not stop with developing and providing medicines. They believe in their role in the health of our communities and share in our pride of our long-standing commitment to corporate citizenship and community service. They believe in doing the right thing. Always.

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